Walking Dead season 4 episode 2 (Spoiler)

I know that I am a day late but let me say, WOW! the boy Patrick (that looks like Harry Potter and is the voice of Phineas) is a Zombie because of some kind of flu and now the animals are getting sick. So now cell D might have the flue and die and defiantly with the outcome at the end of the episode. Rick and Carl can’t see there own little baby sister. I disproved when Carol was letting the little girls see their dad die. To me that was really cold but the oldest girl wanting to kill her father but, couldn’t and I am sorry but this is an Apocalypse and you can not second guess it. We can not forget about Rick who cut the cutie little baby pigs legs so the zombies eat the pig and leave the fence that is about to fall. It was so cute when Glenn took a photo of Maggie while she was sleeping. Does anybody else agree? The other cute part is when Beth gave the little baby to Michonne who was at first uncomfortable but still sincere and felt something when you saw a tear coming down. Makes me think about her story

  • Where do you think the Governor is?
  •  What do you think Rick is going to do about the sickness?
  • What is your opinion on Carol and wanting to keep the secret of her teaching how to use a weapon to all the kids and what is Rick going to do?

till next week…


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