That Perfect Date

So all of you romantics out there with that perfect someone… Yes you 🙂 Now some of us can’t afford that perfect date that most of us girls dream about but, that perfect someone will change that around. He would fine something so beautiful in the whole universe and I do mean that literally. I went star gazing with my special someone and the stars were more beautiful then fancy food in a high-priced fancy restaurant. Now if you are not a star gazer or it’s just to cold out. you do have other things like;

  • Picnics
  • watching the sunset
  • sitting by the fireplace
  • watch a romantic movie at yours or his house
  • both listen to music and start dancing like if you were at a dance
  • a candle light dinner  (at yours or his place)

So girls don’t get to picky on where the date is going to be at and the guys don’t get to worried about the date and vise-versa