Twister the pretzel game

“Twister the game that’s gets tangled into a knot but, did u know how we got this yoga based game?
This game first was thought up by a game inventor name Reyn Guyer who was looking for a way to advertise shoe polish and he called it king footsie but the game got rejected. Guyer hired two game designers who later gets credit for twister. Twister was released in 1966″ (Mary McNally).
Twister at the time was inappropriate to play with the other sex so the sales were low till it was on the tonight show and then the sales up.
There are over 6+ games different twisters

  • Twister
  • Twister Dance Rave (“Twister”)
  • Twister Skip
  • Twister Dance
  • Twister Hopscotch
  • Twister Dodge ball (Mary McNally)

We all know how to play but, if you never played this amazing game is;

  1. Take off your shoes
  2. Set up the mat
  3. Choose a spinner
  4. Now play

If you keep your socks on then you have a little challenge of slipping.

The experience was easy till I was turned into a pretzel but when I fell I could feel the pain in my legs where I had to zombie crawl to the couch and be the spinner. “It’s a very Yoga driven game” says Jerael.

So should you play this game, well it is all up to you. If you like to do yoga then this is your game to play. If you do not like pain then I recommend not playing this game because you are going to bend and stretch every which way.




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